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Our Mission & What We Do - Transformation Treehouse

Transformation Treehouse is a camp program that seeks to educate, support and empower young children from struggling families of the Local Community.

Transformation Treehouse offers its members a safe space to ask questions, get peer advise, express their feelings, and develop a healthy concept of self and social responsibility.

Transformation Treehouse campers participate in meaningful and educational discussions, as well as fun and thought-provoking activities uniquely chosen to enrich the lives of young children.

Transformation Treehouse offers various summer camp options. Camps are discussion based, alternating between fun activities and a spiritual focus on God’s love for ALL His children just as they are, and include all meals as well as healthy alternatives and team-building games. Small group provides participants the opportunity to open up to their peers and support each other.

Every camp session at Transformation Treehouse campers are invited to a fun onsite or offsite event. Events are designed to allow children to learn and bond through team building activities, and range from obstacle course challenge, survival skills, leadership development program, as well as Rock wall, Archery, paint ball, Zip line and other character and confidence building activities.

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I. Obstacle Course

Designed and engineered from some of the best engineers who have serviced and supported successful business including our military to test a person’s mental ability to solve problems, both as an individual as well as a buddy system, and team course, which fosters team work, listening skills, as well as shared unified solutions where no child is left behind.

II. Survival Skills

This activity will be administered in ways that allow individuals to learn self sufficiency in extreme situations as well as life lessons. These skills will range from how to utilize surrounding resources to not just survive in the face of danger and/or unknown elements, but also maintain a positive mental attitude which is key to survival when facing some of life’s adversities.

A. How to find water

B. How to purify water

C. How to navigate your terrain via stars at night as well as sun orientation during the day

D. How to find or create shelter

E. How to survive when around animals, either poisonous or predatory

F. Strategic movement (how to make smart choices to conserve energy)

III. Leadership Development Programs

Teaching children through role playing scenarios to lead others through leading by example by understanding that leading does not make one better than others, but instead more accountable for the behaviors and actions of those who they are leading. In addition, teaching good listening skills, critical thinking development, and how to recognize those who you are leading for their contributions and hard work.

IV. Recreational Activities

A. Rock Wall

Teaching critical thinking skills while dealing with stress, while simultaneously learning how to perform and not give up under pressure.

B. Paint Ball

Teaching proper cover and concealment and how to avoid being targeted with proper movement in addition to proper stances and grips when shooting.

C. Archery

Teaching children how to make a bow and arrow as well as how to properly shoot and apply these skills in survival situations.

D. Zip Line

Teaching how to overcome fear and trust your equipment in addition to following proper instructions.