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The Transformation Treehouse Project

The Transformation Treehouse Project

To effect the generation of tomorrow’s leaders, we need to reach the children of today. Transformation Treehouse has the vision of doing this through the education, support and empowerment of all children; not just those who already have opportunities.

We are actively pursuing property options to continue the vision we have been given. The image on this page shows some exciting opportunities in central Arizona (click the image for the larger version).

This may seem like a big dream, but God expects us to dream big. In 2 Kings 13:17-19, the prophet Elisah met with King Jehoash regarding the Arameans and their destruction. Alas, King Jehoash didn’t dream big enough and the Arameans were not destroyed, but became a thorn in Israel’s side. 

Together, we can dream big; without limit; without fear; with God.

Come and join us, support us in our dream and be part of the change of today’s children – tomorrow’s leaders. Your support can be by donation, purchasing raffle tickets, or joining us in the work.