Transformation Treehouse Childcare and Daycare

Surprise AZ Childcare/daycareWe're excited to be opening a childcare/daycare center in Surprise AZ this year! Our emphasis will be to provide affordale, safe, and accessible programs for children in the Surprise area. Transformation Treehouse is also the only Christian based childcare center in the area, fulfilling a need for families who are seeking to align their faith with their children's early childhood experiences.

COVID hit the childcare/daycare providers in the area hard, with a number of facilities closing their doors, leaving a void in the community for accessible quality early childhood educational programs. Transformation Treehouse can fill this community void with our services, offering both childcare and summer camp solutions that are financially feasible for both single parent and two-parent households.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the next generation, by establishing educational safe spaces children can trust. Our Christ centered model is based on a unique educational design--fostering confidence, caring, and creative construction in our neighborhood youth. We hope our investment in our younger generations help prevent any rise in crime, homelessness, and drug addiction in the city of Surprise and El Mirage.

Childcare and Daycare Operations

Transformation Treehouse childcare facility will operate from 7a.m.-630 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Our center will offer three programs, focused on children ages 3-5 for our pre-k/kindergarten program, and ages 6 to 12 for our afterschool program. We will offer a light snack for all children in the morning and afternoon, encouraging parents to provide their own choice of lunch for our pre-k/kindergarten program.

Tanner Helm is our program director, and we have two full time certified teachers, two teaching aides, and three volunteers who help with implementing educational instruction. All staff is trained in CPR, Arizona‚Äôs DHS policies, and emergency life saving techniques.

Our Faith-based Approach

Transformation Treehouse was established in 2019 by our founder Tanner Helm, our mission is to educate, support, and empower young children from struggling families in the community. Our spiritually based approach to reaching our youth is to provide a safe space for them to ask questions, get peer advice, express their feelings, and develop a healthy concept of self and social responsibility.

Our methods are two-fold, as we seek to engage with children on a social and spiritual level. We teach a Christ based curriculum in our childcare program which serves pre-k, kindergarten, and school age children. Our summer camp program also introduces spiritually based concepts that nurtures the inner healing of children who are dealing with a dysfunctional family dynamic, and struggle with finding their 'right' place in the world.

Does this sound like a place you'd like to have your child/ren learn and grow in? Go to our Pre-enrollment page to secure your child a place in our program. We look forward to helping you guide and mold your children into mature citizens who will run the world in the future.